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Regimental items Books
History of the RNF in the Second World War
Reprinted history, first published in 1952. Paperback - 241 pages.
Brigadier C N Barclay
John McManners’ recollections and reflections 1939-1945. A wonderful, perceptive memoir of the author’s time as a young infantry officer in North Africa during WWII. Hardcover - 224 pages.
John McManners
A Pretty Rough do Altogether
The 1st Battalion Royal Northumberland Fusiliers in Korea 1950-1951. Includes extracts from letters home and extracts from the war diary. Hardcover - 390 pages.
Anthony Perrins
To The Last Round
The epic British stand on the Imjin River, Korea, 1951. The story of the battle itself it preceded by the actions of the 29th Brigade in the horrific winter of 1950/1951 and followed by the grim accounts of the British POWs in North Korea. Paperback - 382 pages.
Andrew Salmon
The Fifth in the Great War
A reprint of the history of the 1st and 2nd Battalions, Northumberland Fusiliers in the First World War first published in 1938. The history was originally a monthly supplement to the St. George’s Gazette but has since been compiled into this history. Paperback - 310 pages.
Brigadier H R Sandilands
Tyneside Irish
A history of the Brigade consisting of the 24th,25th, 26th and 27th Battalions, Northumberland Fusiliers in WWI. Hardcover 227 pages (includes nominal roll of men who enlisted with the Tyneside Irish).
John Sheen
Tyneside Scottish
A history of the Brigade consisting of the 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd Battalions, Northumberland Fusiliers in WWI. Paperback - 192 pages (plus nominal roll of men who enlisted with the Tyneside Scottish).
Graeme Stewart and John Sheen
Whither the Fates Call
A personal account of the author’s experiences as a National Serviceman, 1950-1952, retold through the 208 unedited letters home. Hardcover – 404 pages.
Keith M Taylor
History of the Northumberland Fusiliers 1674-1902
A reprint of the history first published in 1919. Paperback - 502 pages.
Helen Walker

Tempting the Fates
Memoirs of Major General Dare Wilson’s service in the Second World War, Palestine, Korea, Kenya and Aden. Hardcover - 240 pages.
Major General R D Wilson

Down to Bedrock
The diary and secret notes of a Far East Prisoner of War, Royal Northumberland Fusilier Army Chaplain, 1942-45. Paperback - 156 pages.
Eric Cordingly


Brown Bess Musket circa. 1768-1793 | Rubber Bullets circa. 1970

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Pte J Flatow's shaving kit, WWI

Pte J Flatow's shaving kit, WWI

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