Talks, workshop sessions and assemblies

Talks, workshop sessions and assembliesThe Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland offers a package of themed learning sessions. Our learning team can visit your school or community group to deliver talks, workshop sessions and assemblies based on the Northumberland Fusiliers and their role in the First World War. It may also be possible to accommodate small groups for a tour of the museum.

Learning sessions

  • Fusiliers Past and Present: talk or assembly about the origins and identity of the regiment followed by an object handling session.
  • Fusiliers and the Great War: talk or assembly about the regiment’s role in the First World War, literacy activity: exploring letters written during the First World War followed by an artefact handling session and recruitment activity.
  • Letters from the Front: memory and identity literacy activity, exploring letters written during the First World War.

Activity downloads
Please feel free to downloaded the following activity work sheets for completion during a visit or at home:

Activity sheet for 7 and under (PDF)

Activity sheet for 7 and over (PDF)

Our learning team run family fun activities for visitors during school holidays and throughout the summer season.

Words of War download

Words of War is a series of six short animations following the life of Private Tommy McCall, a Northumberland Fusilier. Using actual letters and images from our archives, the films provide a moving account of Tommy's experiences during training, service in the front line, his return home and remembrance. Supported by activity worksheets, a series of whiteboard exercises and a bank of images and music, the videos promote an understanding of the role of the regiment during the First World War.

It is aimed at Key Stage 2/3 (7-14 years) and all the videos, resources, teacher notes, audio tracks and whiteboards are available to download as a 277MB zip file:

Download Words of War zip file (277MB)

To contact our learning team email activitiesfusnorthld@aol.co.uk or call 01665 602152.

Brown Bess Musket circa. 1768-1793 | Rubber Bullets circa. 1970

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8th Battalion, February 1915

8th Battalion, February 1915

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